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Kimball Cicciu is a Licensed Acupuncturist with an extensive 15 year background in providing health care, health and fitness education and yoga and meditation instruction for groups and individuals including international audiences.

As a health care provider and educator, Kimball takes pride in offering not only Traditional Chinese Medicine but holistic wellness coaching, seminars, and workshops for youth and adults. Her teaching experience includes Medical College courses, both Eastern and Western, at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where she has been a faculty member for more than 8 years, an Introduction to Chinese Medicine course at Red Rocks Community College and public Montessori education for youth.

Kimball has a special interest in treating women's health and sports injuries but can confidently treat any condition effectively. Her ultimate goal is to help thousands of other people not only stay free of disease but also maintain a high level of physical wellness, significant energy and mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

She's practiced yoga and meditation since 1992 and has been a student of Zen meditation since 2000 at the Zen Center of Denver where she received lay ordination under the instruction of Ven. Danan Henry Roshi. She began teaching yoga in 1999 and her current Yoga Classes are offered in Golden, Colorado. For information about purchasing one of her yoga or fitness videos, Click here.

Yushin Cicciu graduated from the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a four year program covering acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Tui Na (Massage). The idea that being a healer "is a way of life" was the original draw for his studies. A healer is someone who uses the tools they have to assist and teach others ways of improving their lives.

He instructed at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine for 3 years. Greg's areas of advanced study include auriculotherapy, equine massage therapy, and recently he has begun offering Japanese Shinto Healing treatments.

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