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Traditional Chinese Medical practitioners use a holistic approach to health care. They know the body as an element of nature that has the innate ability to function optimally when certain conditions are met in its external and internal environments.

By using the diagnostic tools of TCM including but not limited to pulse and tongue diagnosis, the practitioner assesses the patient's overall condition, including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. The diagnostics take into account the entire body, every subtle or obvious symptom, and the patient's entire lifestyle. The assessment helps the practitioner determine the appropriate modality and acupoint selection, and often necessitates an herbal medicine prescription to deliver the body back to its natural harmonious state.

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Red Rocks Community College - Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kimball teaches an Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine at Red Rocks Community College in the fall. You'll learn the Essential Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine including an in-depth understanding of Yin and Yang, Qi, the 5 elements, Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis and so much more. Come learn what the ancient Chinese came to realize thousands of years ago. Your body is a part of nature and as such behaves according to natural laws.

  • Earn 3 credit hours
  • Class begins late August each year.
  • Monday 9:00 am-11:45
For more information, call Kimball at 303-969-0884 or check online at

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